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Investigations & Stories

This is Laura, the Webmistress here, and just to shed a bit of light as to how I acquired my appetite for things on the ghostly-side we'd have to go back to when I was around 9 years old, and visiting Ringwood Manor (Ringwood, NJ) for the first time on a hot and muggy August day. I chose not to go on the scheduled house tour, but to go on my own tour, which took me to the then banned upstairs area, where I found myself standing before Mrs.Hewitt's blue boudoir. The air around me had been rather hot and stuffy, since there was no air conditioning. I stood admiring the bedroom when suddenly the air changed to that which I likened to the inside of a freezer! I thought someone had turned on the air conditioning full blast! Then, I felt it! A hard and abrupt tapping on my shoulder! I thought someone had caught me wandering alone and I turned to explain my actions. There was no one there! I looked frantically down the hall, but there was no place anyone could have disappeared to that quickly. With the hairs on the nape of my neck standing straight up, I raced out of the house and re-joined my family picnic area!
And...I've been hooked on ghosts ever since. I've since learned that it may have been Mrs.Hewitt, herself, who had paid me a visit. She seems to have this thing about folks disturbing her bedroom.

Mike's story:
 My name is Mike and I live in Falcon, Colorado. I had quite the experince last night and i'm not sure how to go about it of course i'd seen a ghost. and it hasn't just been one night it's been over a span of a few nights. I've been hearing some noises at night lately and also it has been a little chilly when my heater was at 70 degrees and finally last night i'd seen a ghost. I went to bed about 11:30 p.m., started to hear some weird things and, about 12:20 p.m., i was laying on my back and a ghost walked on my bed and then on my chest, which i also could feel, and then it stepped off and looked at me (still standing on my bed) and came at my face.I got up right away, called my mom and stayed at her house for the night. I feel really stupid telling you guys this but i don't know what else to do i mean even my mom and sister believe me.
(NOTE: GhstTrak responded to Mike's story via email)

Sharon asks...
Is it true that young children are sensitive about spirits?I ask
because last week my 2 year old daughter came in and woke me up.I
told her to go watch cartoons and I would be right there.She made it
to the foot of the bed and stopped.I asked her what was wrong and
she ran back as fast as she could looking behind her.She jumped back
in bed and I have never seen her so scared.I asked her again what
happened and she pointed to the foot of the bed and said there's
ghost.I asked her what kind of ghost and she said a man.I really
didnt think much of it at the moment.When I got up I asked her where
the ghost was and she walked to the door and said "he went in the
front room".A few days later I was taking clothes out of the dryer
and she was laying in the basket playing behind me.Suddenly she
started kicking at nothing and yelling stop it ghost.I asked her
where it was and she said sitting right there.I turned around and
there was a kitchen chair turned tward the basket.The chair may have
already been turned that way,I have two other kids and things are
always turned around.But it really gave me the creeps.I remember
having some experiences when I was very young but my parents told me
it wasnt real.The house I live in now isnt real old but sometimes I
get weird feelings like someone is here when Im alone.My cats too
are very jumpy for some reason,and they used to be very relaxed.Im
not sure whats going on but its kinda spooky.

GhstTrak's response:
Still retaining the child's innocence and belief in that which "logical minds" pooh-pooh, children are very open to paranormal experiences. Ever wonder about your child's so-called imaginary friend? Maybe it's not as imaginary as you thought.
Adults are pushed into dismissing that which they cannot logically explain, hence the inability to be open to the forces which surround us. Those of us fortunate enough to open ourselves freely can experience the unknown.

More From Sharon
I was just thinking about my brother and I remembered something that
happened that you all might like.It started when my Uncle invited
the family to go to Indianapolis to go out on a new boat he
bought.We all went except my brother,his girlfriend and their 1 year
old son.We left at like 5 in the morning and my brother and his
family was still asleep.When we got home he explained it like
this.He woke up and heard a footsteps upstairs then he heard a baby
crying.He sat up and looked in the crib to see if Justin climbed out
and went upstairs.Justin was still asleep.But he still heard the
crying.He woke his girlfriend up and she heard it too.She is the
kind of person to never ever beleive in anything like this,or should
I say WAS the kind of person.She said the hair stood up on her arms
and neck,they where scared to death and didnt know what to do.They
got up took the baby and went to his girlfriends moms house for the
rest of the day.That is not the only thing that has ever happened in
that house.Most of the time its not too scary but I remember one
occaision where I felt extremely threatened.It was New Yeare Eve and
I was home early because I didnt feel well.I was 16 a the time.I was
the only one home and was laying on the couch watching tv when I
heard somone walk across the floor of the room above the living
room.That room belonged to my brother.I turned the tv off so I could
be sure of what I was hearing.I heard it again then it stopped.A few
minutes later I had the feeling someone else was in the room.It felt
as if it was moving closer and closer,the air was so thick I could
hardley breath but at the same time I was too scared to move.Finally
I managed to get off the couch and run 5 blocks to my other brothers
house where the rest of the family was and stayed there that
night.That house has a strange history and is very old.I hit my
bedroom wall once while I was painting and it sounded hollow.I pried
the panel back and there was a very small room with some old
clothes and newspapers dated in the early 1900,s there was also some
papers with pictures on them dated 1886.The house was built in in
1834 and was origionaly a one room doctors office and pharmacy.I
have a few more stories about that house if you are interested in
hearing them just let me know.