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Spirit Trackers

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(Formerly "Ghost Trackers of Northern New Jersey")


"Hush little baby, don't say a word
And nevermind that noise you heard.
It's just the the beasts below your bed
In your your head.."

Welcome to Spirit Trackers!

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The Mission Statement:
Let's investigate things that go bump in the night, the Bogie Man in the closet, the Thing under the bed, or that fearful dark shadow standing in the corner. With conventional and digital equipment we'll discover what's what on the paranormal plane, that which is real and that which is merely imagination and logically explained. Not all things are other-worldly.
The use of Ouija boards or the holding of seances is discouraged. I encourgae the use of strictly scientific methods, at times aided by those who are "sensitive" to paranormal and psychic energies.

I began to officially seek out the truth of life beyond death, and that which lies on the other side in the paranormal realm back in 1998 with an organization based in NJ.  If you believe you have paranormal activity where you live or work please contact me.

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New Jersey Ghost Hunter Soc.


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