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My Hiking Excursions
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Ramapo-Ringwood Crossover

It's April and today is my first hike of the Spring season! I decided on the Ramapo Mt. trail portion at Ringwood Manor. Some ups and downs, but quite do-able. The day was clear and sunny with temps reaching 60 deg. A great day for a hike!

Trail head

I had forgotten my bug repellant, which was a mistake. By the time the sun rose higher in the sky the gnats had targeted me for termination! I toyed with the notion of applying mud to my face and arms from the many streams I came across, but then there was the scare factor of me walking out of the woods looking like god-knows-what and scaring the bejeebers out of visitors out for an Easter stroll. I suppose it would be better just to remember the repellant next time.

April 20, 2003

Ramapo-Ringwood Trail