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Letter from Tyr'Amun to her daughter

There is a brief respite in the battle in this Elune-forsaken place beyond the Dark Portal and I've taken that time to put quill pen to parchment so that you, my beautiful daughter, will know I have not forsaken you.
You never knew your father and, for that, I am eternally sorry. But you not knowing who he is, and he unaware of you, is for good reason.  With him unaware of you certain 'other' groups will also be unaware of you.  I wish I could go into detail.  I also wish I could've let your father know of your existence. I wish you didn't have to spend your early years in hiding, but if those certain 'groups' knew of you, you would wind up a prisoner.
Of your father, I will tell you that he is (I'm assuming he still lives) a warrior and, before the "thing" I carry destroyed our union, we led a happy life together.
He left before I knew I carried you within me.
The land here in the Outlands is totally different from where you are.  Even those enemies, who would see our demise, are beyond description.
The one thing that keeps me sane is the knowledge that you are safe.
As for me, I am but one of many thousands who are here to keep Legion from the shores of Azeroth, so those who would keep me confined for their purposes know not where I am.
I have good comrades here. Some whom I've just met. Some I've known for years.
Tis an eery place, the Outlands, with a unique beauty if you peer beyond the evil that exists.
Work hard, my daughter, to be the best you can be. Grow up strong and wise. Heed the words of your uncle, Bearwalker.
I miss you and I hate the years we've spent apart.  I pray to Elune this conflict will end soon and you and I can be reunited.
Your loving Mother~
Tyr'Amun Raene'Song