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Hunter Lucien Brooks at Large!


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My Friends & Family!

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This is my Mom, Kristin. She's a Goth-Babe who plays a mean Vampire RPG! I can't wait till I'm old enough so she can teach me to play too!


Many thanks for the wonderful baby shower, guys!!

More family members!
From left to right:
Great Grandma Hoffman, MacGrady the dog, great uncle Wayne, cousin Jonathan, my Mom and me, cousin Britanni, great uncle Doug, cousin Ashlea, great aunts Robin & Carol, Bailey the dog, cousin Deanna, and my O'ma up top


Jaci & Jocelyn Crisall, long time friends of my Mom's and O'ma's. Jocelyn and my Mom went to pre-school together in Bogota, NJ

More Family!


Cousin Ashlea really enjoyed holding me.  I loved sleeping in her arms! Ahhh! Bliss!

Jack in the Box