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Ghost hunting equipment need not be overly expensive. One does not need to show-off in order to be proficient in ghostly investigations, and one does not need a huge duffle bag in order to carry all the equipment necessary. You do not need the latest in high-tech paranormal surveillance tools to gather evidence of ghostly presences. You can add on to your equipment inventory as you can afford to, if you wish.
The less 'junk" you carry around with you, the more alert and relaxed you can be on an investigation.


A simple, inexpensive, disposable 35mm camera, with a minimum 400 speed, can capture orbs, ecto, etc. quite well. They are lightweight and easy to handle if you're also carrying recording equipment in your other hand.
Just remember to remove the camera strap if it comes with one, so the strap doesn't wind up in a picture and mistaken for a vortice.


This is my favorite analog recorder with external, omni-directional microphone. It is what was used to capture the voices on the EVP page. It's not techie. Just a simple, inexpensive, proficient recorder I picked up at Radio Shack.


Flashlight, pad and pen/pencil