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Spirit Trackers


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House on Gettysburg battlefield

Is it live, or is it Memorex?
This is the result of snapping a photo through a glass windowpane. Are these really orbs, or are they dust or dirt particles on the glass? Or is it light bouncing across the surface? This is the reason one does not attempt taking a picture through a window. If someone had handed this to me, claiming the dots to be orbs, I would immediately discount it. No ifs, ands, or buts. Just because you can't see dust and dirt particles on the glass, doesn't mean they're not there and, as you can see, they can turn out looking like orbs.

Sachs Bridge
Gettysburg, Pa

It cannot be emphacized enough when ghost hunting...NO rain, snow, fog, camera straps, wind, or taking pictures off reflective surfaces (glass, shiny headstones, etc.), infared (off a digital camera being snapped the same time you are in your vicinity).  No wearing of perfumes, after shave colognes, or any scents (ghosts will, at times, present themselves using scent. If you're wearing perfume, you could be mistaken for spirit presence).  Also, no smoking, no alcoholic beverages, and no horsing around. Show respect.


Gettysburg, Pa

Is that an orb attached to Rob's rear pocket.....OR is it the tobacco tin he's always carrying around with him?
See how easy it is to mistake easily explainable distortions in a photo for orbs?