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Spirit Trackers


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Hunter's orb
(Laura's grandson)

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The most common anomalies captured on film are what we call "Orbs", those opaque balls often seen in photos.
Just what are Orbs? Some people believe that an orb is the attempted physical manifestation of a spirit, or the soul of the departed. Orbs may be easier to manifest since they require the least amount of energy to accomplish, which could also explain the often sudden variations in temperature, or disturbances captured by an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meter in investigations. The thing to watch for, however, are obstructions that can appear as orbs on a photo such as rain drops, snow, dust particles, insects....conditions for ghost hunting must be ideal. Absolutely clear, if possible, with no rain, fog, snow, dust or debris flying around on a breeze.

Spectral shadow
(Laura's daughter many yrs.ago)

Do ghosts really exist?  Are some places truly haunted?
The answer to both questions is most likely "yes".
As a general guidline to aid you in sorting out ghosts and hauntings, "ghosts" can most times seem to be exactly what we would commonly think it to be: the surviving "spirit" of someone who has passed on. For a variety of reasons, the individual lingers at a particular place, and seems to retain the intelligence and personality he/she had when alive, and even interacts in assorted ways with those still on the corporeal level.

However, there is another category  which doesn't involve the surviving personality. This second category has more to do with the "memory" left behind by people and events. A physical location appears to both "record" and "play back" impressions of people who had been there, and the events that had taken place at the site.
This "place memory" is sometimes picked up by those who visit the site, and it may play back for some visitors and not others. These play backs might be related to fluctuations of electromagnetic fields and residual energy at the location.

Why can't you see a ghost?
Well, we believe that ghosts vibrate on a level too fast for a living person to see. For an example, watch an oscillating fan. When it's operating at a high speed you cannot see the blades. We theorize that ghosts function like this. And they are very attracted to the physical energy that we emit. Ever feel a spot near you as cold as the inside of a freezer? A ghost just may have "borrowed" some of your physical energy. It's harmless though and is nothing to be afraid of.
When you get the wierd feeling of being "watched" just might be.
Everything in the universe is made up of energy and ghosts are no different. Energy can not be destroyed, only changed. When a body dies, the soul or spirit energy continues on. It cannot die.
Do animals have spirit energy?  Of course.  So, if you think that when Fido dies, that's it...think again.

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