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Spirit Trackers


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Departing spirit mist
Unnamed cemetery

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Ghost Types:
Yes, there are actually names for the different ghostly apparitions. Whether they are shared by all paranormal investigators is up for debate. Here are a few:
"Misters" - Mists are the most common sign of ghostly presences. Mists, some say, are the way ghosts travel, or arrive on a scene. Some allege that mists are all that is left of a ghost, the final stage, when the spirit moves on, crosses over, or a cleansing has taken place and forcibly removed the ghost.
"Orbs" - Usually evidence of a traveling ghost. On video they can be viewed as balls, or streaks of light zipping across the screen.
"EVP" - Electronic Voice Phenomena, or ghosts who prefer to speak. Most times the voice speaking is very soft and low. If you address a spirit don't be surprised when you receive a response on your recorder, digital or analog.
"Poltergeist" - Not really a ghost or spirit. Poltergeists are purely emotional energy let loose. Teenagers, disturbed individuals, or anyone with emotional build-up can be behind poltergeist activity.
"Shadow People" - Dark spots, rather than the typical light-colored ecto, shadows that move and don't belong to anyone living.
"Vortices" - A vortex looks like a funneling streak in a photograph. Some believe these anomalies to be portals into the space-time continuum. Possibly they are ghosts moving at the exact same rate as the camera shutter.
"Apparition" - This is believed to be a ghost able to gain enough energy to manifest itself into a viewable form. This form has a tendency to be the most frightening.