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My Hiking Excursions
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Alpine-Palisades Cliffs, NJ

Having hiked 4 hrs. at Bear Mt.and not feeling exhausted, I felt the urge to check out the Palisades Cliffs trail. What was I thinking??

Okay! So I have this thing about hiking uphill. I hate it. So what do I do? Park down in the boat basin so I can hike UPHILL to the cliff trail! Argh! Then I find out I can park at the top of the trail and go from there! You learn.
By the way, there are some awesome ruins dating back to the Revolutionary War up there. Cornwallis used the trail in his attempt to head-off Washington, who was en route to Trenton! Man! Did HE have a hike!

11-10-02 Overlooking the Alpine boat basin
Awesome Fall colors!

The trail 11-10-02
Traversing under a canopy of Fall colors

Da Hudson!
I wonder if Cornwallis admired the view

Overlooking the Hudson River 11-10-02


Harriman State Park, New York