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My Hiking Excursions
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Ringwood, NJ

This was a beautiful hike with the only drawback being the plethora of unsightly power lines and towers. It was difficult to get pics without those eyesores in them, but I seemed to have managed.

Me taking a break

Moving further away from civilization

See what happens when you put fresh batteries in your camera? You get awesome shots like this one!

The stream from the bridge to the manor house

Frozen stream easily mistaken for a viable trail

I decided to traverse the ATV trail

It was just so quiet and serene on the trail, and the winter cold invigorating!

Aside from the fact that Ringwood Manor is one of my all-time favorite places to be (since I first set foot on the grounds back when I was nine years old, or thereabouts), I see they're attempting to better define the hiking trails (which are numerous) which will bring me back again. I even discovered a link trail connecting the Ringwood trails to the Ramapo Mt. trails. The park itself is well maintained and a joy to visit at any time of the year. Those who opt to hike here should first stop in at the ranger office to aprise them of where you'll be hiking. The trails I roamed along had no blaze markings (trail markers), so you could easily become lost.

Ramapo-Ringwood Crossover