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My Hiking Excursions
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Harriman State Park, New York

My first 8-MILE hike! Now..What was I thinking!!

In spite of the good company of fellow Sierra Club (cheap plug ALERT!) members and lovely views, I must dub this....THE HIKE FROM HELL!!!. Harriman saw me coming and erected as many uphill climbs as possible for my benefit, for I saw no one else having a problem with them as I was!! AND...since our starting location was changed the hike became 9 MILES! Words of warning! Harriman State Park hates hikers! It goes out of it's way to make your planned enjoyable hike a living HELL!! It will purposely and deviously toss rocks out for you to slip on, leave tree branches in your path to trip over...oh yes, we are talking a maniacal mountain, along with it's bud, Panther Mountain! Tag Team beat up the Hikers entertainment! But I got some good pics!

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
Very peaceful until...

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
Of course...we didn't see it

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
More Sierra Club members on lunchbreak with our guide Steve

Panther Mt. 11-24-02
Even the blasted mountain was against me taking pics!

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
the mountain arouses the Pine Meadow Lake monster!!

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
Some Sierra Club members

Pine Meadow Lake 11-24-02
And..more Sierra Club members

The Woods Trail 11-24-02
Light at the end of the tunnel!!!

So, in spite of a straight-up-the-side of the mountain hike at the beginning ( a REAL killer!); in spite of major hills popping up all over; in spite of Panther Mountain's 'one step to oblivion' way, way high in the sky trails (my acrophobia was having a field day!); in spite of one major stomach ache due to dehydration, and one sprained ankle WE, the hated hikers, beat you Harriman! WE beat you! 9 miles! I've proven my mettle! That nice, hot bath is gonna be real sweet and well deserved!!
One note of caution. Even though I came away with merely exhaustion and a slightly messed up knee, one should not take on Harriman State Pk. unless one is a seasoned and experienced hiker, and in great shape. That place could kill you!

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