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My Hiking Excursions
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"Let man heal the hurt places and revere whatever is still miraculously pristine"
-David R. Brower

My name is Laura and, yes, I've taken up hiking, to be one with the Earth Mother and Nature in general. I love to be outdoors, but there have been times, whilst hiking, that I've suspected the Earth Mother of trying to kill me! Either that or there's more to hiking than I first surmised. At any rate, with the major aches and pains after each hike I find myself tested, and NOT found wanting! Here's where I've been..

May 03, 2003 Announcement!
After taking, and completing the course sponsored by SOLO and AMC (Appalachian Mt.Club), I am now certified in Wilderness First Aid! Have Duct tape...will travel!

Bear Mt. 11-10-02
Point off-trail overlooking Hudson River

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